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Spinning Buddy's secret tip:

With the same yarn, make another lark's head knot going in the opposite direction.

  1. This will secure the leader so that you may spin or ply in either direction.  The longer leader will also give your handspun something to bite onto when wrapping around the bobbin.

Install the bobbin onto the flyer and thread the leader through the guide hooks and then through the orifice and out the front of your wheel.

When you are ready to spin, hold a fuzzy unspun part of your fiber source between the two pieces of leader yarn and spin so that the leader yarn and the fiber twist together into one yarn. 

Some spinners use a loop at the end of the leader to insert the new yarn into.  I prefer two open ends because you can overlap the old with the new yarn for a secure thread without the bulk of folding the new yarn into the loop.

Your Spinning Buddy,

Sherry Johnson